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via Hotboat

The newly launched Danik Hook is an adjustable anchor hook. No need to tie a knot in your anchor line again–simply attach one end of the line to your anchor and the other end slides easily through the anchor line passage in the hook. The anchor line slides freely through the passage when holding the lever down. When released, the unique mechanism grips the line at the desired position.

It’s a quick and easy way to attach your boat to any depth water without tying a knot. It attaches easily to existing anchor. It easily adjusts for difference in water levels, and positions your boat anywhere, without ever tying a knot. In addition, the Danik Anchor System saves your prime beach spot when you are out boating. It comes with a special buoy tie, and is made of 100% marine stainless steel. The Danik Hook adapts from a 3/8″ to 5/8″ diameter anchor line and retails for $39.95. Don’t leave your boat without it!

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