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If you are like most boating enthusiasts, you are always looking for ways to enhance your investment with the most valuable additions. 

Check out these top 10 must-have boating accessories. 

The #1 Must-Have Boating Accessory: Adjustable Fender Hangers

If you want to protect the sides of your boat from any damage when tied up at a dock or rafted together with others, then you need fenders. Often made of rubber or foam, fenders act like soft cushions to keep the boat from making direct contact with nearby hard surfaces. 

There is just one problem – all boats are not created equal.

To get these fenders to actually do what they are intended to, they need to be in the right location and at the right height. Where that is on your boat may differ from your neighbors. 

This is where an adjustable fender hanger becomes a shining star. Keep your boat looking sharp when you have your fenders perfectly placed. 

2. Boat Fenders

To go along with your adjustable fender hanger, you are going to need fenders. There are many different types to choose from, such as inflatable and non-inflatable, as well as many different materials, too. You can even find the perfect color to match your boat’s aesthetics. 

3. Adjustable Anchor Hook

If you are tired of your anchor line being knotted or becoming weak and frayed, then you need an adjustable anchor hook. This unique tool attaches your boat to your anchor via the anchor line.

You can adjust the line by holding down the lever. Once released, it securely grips it and holds the line in place. It is easy to use and long-lasting, too. 

4. GPS Navigation System

There are no street signs when you are out on the water. Get too far away from land and you may even lose your sense of direction. Today’s GPS navigation systems can keep you safe and make your experience on the water much more pleasant. 

The specifics will vary depending on which one you choose, but most of these systems will provide location tracking and route planning. You may even find one that helps you find fish, too. 

5. LED Lighting

In case you find yourself on the water after the sun goes down, you will want to have LED lighting to ensure you are visible to others. Any lights will do, but the LED option has a long lifespan and is very energy efficient. 

LED lights can be used inside the cabin, on the outside of the boat, as navigation, and even underwater lights. 

Stay visible, stay safe. 

6. Solar Panel Charger

Today’s solar panels are highly effective at charging and powering everything from cell phones to entire homes and communities. Buying a solar charger that fits your boat’s needs can give you a steady supply of renewable energy to charge your devices, various electronics, and even your boat battery. 

Solar cells in different shapes and sizes can be left out on the deck of the boat to harness the sun’s energy to elevate your boating experience. 

7. First-Aid Kit

Things can happen out in open water and every good boat captain knows that having a first aid kit onboard is a necessity. You can find many waterproof first aid kits designed for boaters — and they come in all different sizes. Choose wisely for your vessel. 

8. A Dry Box or Dry Bag

Everything on a boat risks getting wet – even those items that can’t get wet. A dry box or soft-sided dry bag can give you a safe, dry space to store things like phones, valuables, food, important documents, electronic equipment, and so on. 

9. Portable Clamp-On Cup Holder

While it may seem silly to worry about a clamp-on cup holder in the bigger picture of boating, if you have ever tried to figure out where to put your beverage while onboard, then you know how valuable it can be. And because it is portable, you can have it near you wherever you are on the boat. 

Most vessels will come equipped with a couple of built-in cup holders, but having extra is always a great idea. Plus, it can double as a place for your cell phone, small tools, or other things you don’t want to lose. 

10. Boat Grill

Have you ever had a barbecue while on the water? If you had a boat grill, you could. 

There are many different types of boat grills to choose from, each designed with marine-safe stainless steel. Most can be securely mounted when in use —- and folded and put away when they aren’t. Powered by gas, boat grills are wind-tested for proper heat distribution so that you can always count on a great cooking experience. 

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Any day on the water is incredible. Even more so when you have all the top must-have boating accessories. 
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