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These days, people are all about experience gifts and Father’s Day should be no exception. Instead of getting dad a tie or socks, why not plan a day of adventure in the great outdoors? Danik Hook was founded by a father and outdoor enthusiast, so we’ve got more than a few ideas for you—we’ve got 10! Here are some fun outdoor ideas for Father’s Day.

1. Weekend Trip to a Top-Secret Fishing Hole

For a dad who loves to fish, surprise him with a trip to a previously unknown fishing spot. Do a quick internet search for fishing holes or lakes within driving distance of your home, pack up his fishing gear, and surprise your dad with some rest, relaxation, and freshly-caught fish for dinner.

2. A Deluxe Camping Trip

And no, by “deluxe,” we don’t mean glamping. Instead, plan some epic campfire meals, outdoor activities, and a beautiful location. Don’t forget to bring a Danik Hook when you’re packing up to go—it’s great for getting that tent set up.

3. Relaxing Golf Outing

Some dads like to be outdoors, but aren’t as fond of getting up-close-and-personal with nature. A day on the greens is just the ticket if your dad fits this category. Buy him a new putter or golf bag and if your family happens to like golf too, make it an outing for everyone.

4. A Day on the Water

A Father’s Day spent on the water at a nearby lake or river is always a hit. If your dad is a boater, he’ll also appreciate an assortment of boating gear to help him start the season off right—a Danik Hook adjustable line length universal hook, marine fender hook, and an adjustable bungee cord will all come in handy.

5. Barbecue in the Park

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with firing up the grill and hanging out in the backyard either, but you can make the day special by going out to a local city or state park. Buy some hamburger patties and hot dogs for grilling, load up on craft beers, and don’t forget the sunscreen either.

6. Rent Kayaks for the Day

Some of the best experience gifts are ones that let people try something new. If your dad hasn’t been kayaking before, there’s no better time to start. Search for local kayak rentals and make reservations for your family. Bring a picnic lunch with your dad’s favorite sandwiches too!

7. Try Geocaching

Geocaching is a fun activity that allows you to use your phone or GPS to locate hidden treasures outdoors. Once you start, you’ll find that it’s hard to stop and it’s an activity that the whole family can participate in, no matter what their ages.

8. Go Hiking

If geocaching isn’t for you, go for an old fashioned hike. These days, you can connect with local hiking enthusiasts online and find out about the best trails in your area. Trying to get your dad to be more active? A pair of hiking boots might be just the motivation he needs!

9. Take a Scenic Float Trip

Float trips are kind of what would happen if you combined tubing with white water rafting. Float trips take place on a large raft, but like tubing, the water is calmer—no bumps or splashing involved. It’s a relaxing way to take in nature and it’s ideal for a warm summer weekend.

10. Fly a Drone

If your dad is a bit of a techie, he’ll love spending some time outside flying a drone. They’re more affordable than you might think or you can simply rent one for the day. 

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