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Danik Hook has developed three unique products that may fit into stores that have a strong marine, sporting goods or automotive merchandise mix. All three Danik hooks work on the principle of adjusting tension on tie-down ropes or bungee cords without having to tie a knot. This is accomplished by using a simple cam clamp with a hook that will not allow the rope or bungee cord to slip once it has been tightened. However, it can be easily released using one hand.

What makes the Danik Hook products so unique and what all of our testers mentioned in their comments was the quality and finish. All of the cam clamps that prevent the rope or bungee
cord from slipping are well made with rigid edges that really grip and prevent slippage of the rope or bungee cord, but the ridges are close enough together that they won’t cut or fray the
rope or bungee cord being used.

Danik Hook makes their hooks with two types of material. One is made of stainless steel and is great for coastal areas, food processing areas or where a greater load capacity is needed. The finish on the stainless Danik Hooks our testers used was very high quality equal to yacht finish. These hooks would accept rope sizes between 3/8” and 5/8” and are capable of lifting 8,000 pounds.

The other hook is made from a high strength composite material and comes in two sizes: for 3/8”–7/16” size ropes and bungee cords and a larger hook that accommodates 3/8”–5/8” size rope and bungee cords. Both size hooks have a locking cam and a stainless wire keeper that keeps the hook from slipping off whatever you hook it to.

The third product is the Danik Hook adjustable bungee cord set, which has a 48” length of bungee cord with a Danik hook on each end, making it easy to tighten the bungee cord from each end. The end of the bungee cord also has plastic ends with molded clips so the user can secure the ends of the bungee cord.

Our testers had more fun coming up with different applications for the Danik Hooks that ranged from tarps to securing cargo. Then they came up with some unique applications from adjusting fenders on boats to anchor buoys. However, one of the most interesting and effective uses was tying down an airplane on the tarmac. All of our testers agreed that what makes the Danik Hooks so effective was the quality and the ability of the cam clamp to not slip. Watch this video to see many more uses for Danik Hook products.

The Hardware Connection • November 2018
By Tom Chasteen