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Marriage Savers

We love our 6 marine fender hooks and my wife calls them our “marriage savers”. She runs the lines and fenders so whatever makes her work the easiest, we try to do. Your hooks make her work easier when we have to change fenders from one side of the boat to the other or raise and lower the fenders. We recommend them to everyone we run across.

Tsali B.

Love it

I wished I would have bought two. The Danik Hook was much bigger than I expected (a good thing). It fit my 1/2 inch braided anchor line perfectly! I was confident the line was going nowhere unless I ask it to. I have 150ft of anchor line and rarely use more than 20ft or so. This comes in very handy while managing the remaining line. At first I thought danik hook was a little pricey however, after using it I’ll gladly pay for another (I will be ordering an additional one tonight). This product is Highly Recommended!


The best there is!

I have several of these already employed in the mooring systems for our personal watercrafts and boats and they are the absolute best. I added another PWC to my lineup recently so I went straight for another Danik Hook. The material is incredibly strong and durable, the clip part is tight and springy even on my older Daniks, and the rope clutch works exactly as described (I’ve never seen the rope slip inside the clutch even a little, and that is after years and years, on multiple hooks, and through significant lake storms – I use 1/2″ rope with it).

Super Jet Ski Fun Monkeys

Very handy.

Great item, takes the work out of adjusting rope length. I use it on my anchor and can adjust the tightness and length of my anchor rope in seconds. Well worth the cost and holds my 21′ bass boat without slipping.

Piet Gulden

awesome product!

Awesome product!!!! We bought 4 of these for our 16 foot pontoon boat that weighs 1,750 pounds. We use 2 of them to hook the bumpers for the boat and 1 to hook to the anchor for the boat. 1 is an extra for now.The slide mechanism is so easy to adjust the rope it is amazing and it also holds in place very strong.

Tricia M.

Great addition to our boat.

A great addition to our boat. Makes setting the anchor a breeze. I drop the anchor until it hits the bottom, slide the Danik-Hook into position and clip it to the bow. Then ease the boat back until the anchor grabs and we are good to go.


worked great

Worked great on the Colorado River. I did not have any worries with the Danik Hook and worked with my boat.

Juan M. Salinas Jr