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New Adjustable Boat Fender Hanger Design Coming in 2021

California boating accessory company, Danik Hook, just announced they will be launching a newly designed product earlier than expected, the Soft Flex Fender Hanger.

The patent pending Soft Flex Fender Hanger is a new custom designed concept for hanging boat fenders.  It allows boaters to easily adjust their boat fenders to the desired height and is easy on the boat it self.  

“We want to continue innovating our line of products to hopefully stay on the front edge of design and desirability.” explains Danik Hook President Dan Austin. “We started working on the design early this year and are really pleased with the outcome and response we’ve had from customers we have shared it with.” Austin added.

The Soft Flex Fender Hanger has gone through a few design concepts, and was developed for years of rugged use. The new fender hanger takes the adjustability of Danik Hook’s industry popular adjustable hooks and applies it with a soft strap application, making it more desirable to boaters who spend a lot of time and money keeping there vessels in beautiful condition.

“As the leader in adjustable hook products we saw an opportunity” says Austin, “we wanted to address a need that we identified by talking with many boaters at trade shows over the last couple years.”  That need was for a flexible and adjustable fender hanger that could hang from hand rails, cleats, and towers without causing any damage to the vessels finish.

The Soft Flex Fender Hanger will be available for sale in 2021, as the Summer boating season takes off.  The fender hanger will be available on the Danik Hook website ( and will be made available to the current Danik Hook dealer network as well, which can be found on the Danik Hook website.  The price of the new fender hanger is $29.95.

About Danik Hook

Danik Hook makes custom, high quality adjustable hooks for boating and outdoor activities that can easily be attached to different sized ropes, creating an instant adjustable hook without having to tie any knots. For more information or for dealer inquiries please visit or contact Shawn Glaspell at