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You’re getting ready for a day on the water and checking off your list of essentials…so let’s talk about boat fenders! Boat fenders are a must-have for any boat owner who wants to protect their vessel and also guard against claims from others. Boat fenders are usually durable bags filled with air which hang along the outer edge of the boat’s perimeter, absorbing any impact from bumping up against docks, other boats, or anything else. Without boat fenders, your boat would get banged and bruised up in no time, especially if you’re an avid boater. Since boats can be large investments, it’s definitely worth it to invest in a good boat fender setup. In this post, we’ll go over how to install boat fenders using adjustable fender hangers on your boat like a pro.

Determine How Many Fenders You’ll Need

The first thing you need to figure out is how many boat fenders your vessel will need to navigate around others safely. You’ll typically need a few for the front and a few for the back unless you plan to move them every time you approach something, and larger boats will obviously need more and larger fenders. Many boaters who spend a lot of time on the water leave their fenders attached permanently instead of moving them around to save time and hassle.

Investigate Points of Attachment

Once you know how many boat fenders you need, it’s time to think about where you will attach them. Most boaters attach their boat fenders on the handrails that go around the perimeter of the boat, although some boats may not have a handrail in every spot where you want to attach a fender. In these cases, you’ll need to find alternative attachment locations. Once you’ve decided where to attach your boat fenders, you’ll need a high-quality adjustable fender hanger for each fender you plan to hang. Be sure that you get a fender hanger that will work with your attachment points, as some fender hangers only work with square railings while others may work with multiple railing types.

Attach Fenders to Adjustable Fender Hangers

Now it’s time to attach the boat fenders to their adjustable fender hangers with an appropriate size and strength line. It is very important to only use the line size specified by the fender hanger, since using a smaller or larger line diameter will cause the hanger to malfunction and leave your boat unprotected. Test the adjustability of the fender hanger at this point to make sure everything is working as desired.

Secure Adjustable Fender Hanger to Point of Attachment

Once the boat fenders are attached to their fender hangers, secure the fender hanger to its point of attachment, which is usually a handrail.

Adjust Fender Line as Needed

Now that your new boat fender is properly installed using an adjustable fender hanger, it will be easy to pull the fenders up higher or drop them down lower as needed. 

Adjustable Fender Hangers for All Rail Types from Danik Hook

Never take a chance on damaging your boat or someone else’s property while you’re out on the water. By using adjustable boat fender hangers, like those offered by Danik Hook, you can protect your investment and enjoy your time out on the water without fear of a costly bump. Check out all of our products to make your boating experience more enjoyable. For more information, call us at 877-223-1947 or send us a message online.