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Retailers’ Choice Award Winner Danik Hook to Unveil its Innovative Adjustable Bungee Cord at the 2018 National Hardware Show

Do-it-yourselfers will revel in the possibilities when they take hold of the new Danik Hook Adjustable Bungee Cord to be unveiled at the 2018 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, May 8 – 10.

Danik Hook, an amazingly simple and easy to use tool to quickly tie-down anything, is the National Hardware Show’s reigning winner of its prestigious Retailers’ Choice Award for outstanding and innovative design of consumer products.

This year, Danik Hook gives a new twist to the age-old bungee cord. The new Danik Hook Adjustable Bungee lets anyone easily and quickly adjust and secure a single length of the elastic cord from six to 48 inches unstretched.

“Most people carry a tangled web of different length bungees in their car trunk or truck utility box,” said Daniel Austin, the inventor of the Danik Hook. “One Adjustable Bungee does the work of a dozen different length bungees.”

The versatile Adjustable Bungee Cord includes an unstretched 48-inch American-made shock cord and two Danik Hook Mini adjustable universal line length hooks for $21.95. The quick release levers on the non-corrosive, glass-filled thermoplastic Mini hooks enable the user to pull, stretch and secure the bungee cord to tie-down a kayak, bike or bags of groceries in a flash. It can also be used in the garden, campsite or at a park gathering or sporting event.

“Just throw it in the trunk or toolbox and wait for the uses to appear,” Austin said. “You never know what you’ll have to tie-down until the situation arises. But when you need it, the Danik Hook Adjustable Bungee takes the ‘jerry-’ out of ‘rigging.’”

As with the entire line of Danik Hook products, Austin said it’s always fun to hear the uses people come up with that he never considered.

Austin will go into the upcoming National Hardware Show with a surging momentum carried over from the debut of the Danik Hook Mini and the Danik Hook Marine Fender Hook last summer.

The Danik Hook Mini greatly impressed retailers at last year’s National Hardware Show where it was selected from some 500 new products as one of the most outstanding and innovative.

The Mini’s quick release lever accepts Paracord or rope ranging from 5/32 to 3/8 diameter. An integrated ring makes securing a second line effortless. It can lift and hold up to 300 pounds under laboratory conditions. The Danik Hook Mini comes in a two-pack for $19.95.

Then later last summer, Danik Hook introduced its equally innovative Marine Fender Hook at the International Boatbuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (“IBEX”), in Tampa, Florida.

The Danik Hook Fender Hook can attach to any boat rail and swiftly raise or lower a fender to the perfect position against any dock or another boat. Made with the same thermoplastic as the Mini Hook the quick release lever on the Fender Hook will accommodate line sizes ranging from 3/8 to 5/8 inch diameter and railing up to 1 ¼ inch diameter with a holding capacity of 500 pounds. It can also attach to a one-inch square pontoon railing. It comes one to a package for $20.95.

The success at last year’s shows has also resulted in dozens of more local retailers carrying the entire Danik Hook line. If consumers don’t see a local retail outlet near them on, the product line is now also carried on the websites of several national retailers, including AmazonBass Pro ShopsHome DepotOverton’sSears, and Walmart.

All Danik Hooks carry a one year warranty. Danik Hook maintains its own manufacturing facility in the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California.