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California Boating Supply Company Danik Hook Launches New Product

California adjustable anchor hook company, Danik Hook, recently announced the launch of their latest product offering, the Shore Spike.

The Shore Spike is a custom designed, sleek spike that can be used on land or in shallow water as an anchor or tie down for almost any type of watercraft including personal watercraft, pontoon boats, power boats, fishing boats, and rafts.

“We wanted to continue adding new products to our line and thought a shore spike would be a great addition to our adjustable anchor hooks.” explains Danik Hook President Dan Austin. “We started working on the design at the beginning of the Summer and are so pleased with the outcome and very happy with the response we’ve had.” Austin added.

The new spike has gone through a few design approaches, been field tested and was developed for years of rugged use. The Shore Spike has a sleek design, durable finish, and is made in the U.S. in Southern California at the Danik Hook facility in Pomona.

“A lot of the existing products we saw were fairly expensive” says Austin, “so we wanted something that was a little easier on the watercraft owners wallet.”

The Shore Spike starts at $59.95 and is available in two different sizes and a full one year limited warranty. The product is currently available for sale exclusively on Click here to purchase.

About Danik Hook

Danik Hook makes custom, high quality hooks for boating and outdoor activities that can easily be attached to different sized ropes, creating an instant, adjustable hook without having to tie any knots. For more information or for dealer inquiries please visit or contact Shawn Glaspell at