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If you believe in simplifying when you can, you’re going to love the Danik Hook—especially if you’re not big into knot tying and anchoring. Your anchor line slides freely through the passage when the Danik Hook lever is pushed down, but is held firmly in place when released. Simply put: you never have to tie a knot to anchor your boat again.

We recently tried this product and it really is as easy as it appears. And because it adjusts so quickly, the number of boating uses is truly endless. There is even an integrated ring for a buoy line.
There are two types of Danik Hooks available, either a Space-age non-corrosive material that can hold up to 500 pounds ($24.95) or a solid case 304 stainless steel version that is rated up to an impressive 8,000 pounds ($39.95). Both will adapt from 3/8-inch to 5/8-inch diameter anchor line, making this quick release hook very versatile.

It would make the most sense to invest in the stainless version when boating, but I must admit I was very impressed by the holding strength of the one rated for 500 pounds. It really does hold firmly in place.

Product Score 92
Application 19/20
Function 47/50
Durability 9/10
Design 9/10
Price 8/10

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