It's Simple

Never worry about tying a knot again.

Great for All Outdoors

The Danik Hook is perfect for boating, fishing, or camping.

Not Just for Boats

Adjust your rope: any length, any time,
and for any purpose.

Not Just for Boats

Danik Hook Shore Anchor Spike

• Strong and secure
• 2 sizes to choose from
• Made in the USA

Not Just for Boats

Now Available!

Danik Hook Heavy Duty Stainless Steel

New Larger, Heavy Duty Design

The World’s Best Universal Hook

Never tie a knot again!

Are you tired of fighting to tie a knot to secure your water craft, camping gear, trailer load etc…?
Danik Hook will certainly cure your frustration. With a push of a the lever and a slide of the line you will have your items secure and held in place. Adjusting your line length has never been easier!

Retailers' Choice Award 2017

Winner of the Retailers’ Choice Award

Stainless Steel and Composite Danik Hook

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How does it work? It’s simple.

Simply attach one end to your anchor and the other end to your boat. The anchor line slides freely when holding the lever down. When released, the unique mechanism grips the line at the position you desire.

More About Our Products

Danik Hook started by creating the World’s Best Universal Hook, but since then, our product line has grown to include a wide range of helpful tools for boaters and outdoor enthusiasts. 

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Adjustable Line Length Anchor Hook – For maximum strength, choose our heavy duty anchor hook, which can lift up to 10,000 pounds in laboratory conditions.

Stainless Steel Adjustable Line Length Anchor Hook – Our stainless steel anchor hooks offer durability and strength, with the ability to lift up to 8,000 pounds in laboratory conditions. In addition to being used for boating, this anchor hook can be used for camping, household applications, and more.

Adjustable Line Length Composite Hook – Our signature quick-release universal hook is made with non-corrosive, high-strength composite material for durability and strength. Use it for boating, camping, and more.

Adjustable Line Length Composite Mini Hooks – Everything you love about the original Danik Hook, but in a smaller form! Our quick-release universal mini hooks work with paracord and solid or braided rope, and are made with the same durable non-corrosive material as the original.

Adjustable Line Length Marine Fender Hook – This quick release hook has an integrated ring for a rope and it’s made with non-corrosive material, making it ideal for marine uses. Purchase it in blue, black, or white for your power boat, sail boat, fishing boat, or yacht.

Soft Flex Fender Hanger – The Danik Hook soft flex fender hanger works on wood and metal handrails, round rails, square rails, towers, and cleats. It allows for quick fender height adjusting and can be used with power boats, sail boats, fishing boats, and yachts.

Shore Spike – Our shore spike is made with the same high-quality you expect from our anchor hooks and universal hooks. Use it in the water or on shore for securing your boat or personal watercraft.

Adjustable Bungee Cord – This UV-protected Danik Hook and bungee is strong, secure, and ideal for a number of different uses around the home, campsite, and outdoors.